16 July 2008

for her birthday

July 7

I took a leave from work to spend the day with my very own family - my husband and daughter. I personally bathed her and dressed her in a red dress with Minnie Mouse design, which was given to her by my mama. First, we went to visit Rix's mom in Holy Cross, then his dad in Hearts of Jesus and Mary. After that, we headed to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and had lunch at Clawdaddy's on Bonifacio High Street. After that, we proceeded to Serendra where Blow-Up Babies is located. I chose the package with three different set-ups, which is more inexpensive than the individual prints. While we were in the studio, Rix and I changed Elhaym into a white dress and the photographer with his crew clipped angel wings on the back of the dress for the first set-up. I thought it would be easy as I put her in front of the backdrop. She started whimpering and became a bit scared so I stayed beside her while they tried to make her smile for the shots. Elhaym suddenly became cranky and doesn't like to be shot anymore, even for the second set-up where there were plenty of balls she could play with. She started crying and only stopped when I carry her. The photographer tried to take our family portrait, but she kept a serious countenance and won't crack a smile. A suggestion of the rescheduling of the shoot was presented since Elhaym was not in the mood. I pored over the pictures taken and saw one where she was smiling - the one and only, so Rix and I decided to have that printed. After I paid, we walked around and took a few pictures, actually Rix took pictures of Elhaym and me. Then, we decided to go home.

Rix and I planned to treat his and my immediate families on the coming Sunday, so we decided to have dinner first at Don Henrico's to try it out. We had the buffet, but it wasn't satisfactory, so we came up with other options. Then we bought home a Red Ribbon Ube Macapuno cake with a pink candle to signify her birthday. We had the other families in the compound come over and sing 'happy birthday' and we took pictures of that and of the cake-cutting (I'm holding her hand while we cut the cake together). She also ate a few bites of "pancit bihon".

July 13
Dinnertime, Rix's and my immediate families had it together at Luk Foo in Puregold, QI Central branch. The food was good but the delivery was quite fast, we haven't finished the first platter yet, and the second one came out already. The food was in abundance and there was plenty that all families had taken home. This time, Elhaym wore another Minnie Mouse dress that my mama bought, it is white with pink stripes. Prior to this dinner, we went to Trinoma where we bought a pair of pink rubber shoes for her to match her socks and dress. He he!
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