29 July 2008

The Week Enders

It started on Friday, 25th of July, I reported not in my branch but at Renaissance Center for a training. Our company decided to enter, yet again, into the remittance business, this time as a direct agent. The last time we had WU, we were only a sub-agent, and plenty of calls were needed to be made in order to complete just one transaction.
I did not know how to get there, the HR did not even provide us with a sketch of the route going there. So my sweet hubby drove me, and one of my colleagues from Valenzuela, to the training area. It took us a while to find the place. It pays to be early, especially when we're not familiar with the destination.
Unlike some preconceived notions that trainings or seminars are boring, not so with this as handled by Mantra Media. Groups were formed and although I was not grouped with some colleagues from my cluster, it's OK. It's an opportunity to know CSA's like me from other clusters/branches. One of my group mate was my partner from way back in my orientation days.
We were bombarded with group activities that have corresponding points that would be accumulated and then there would be the prizes for the group with the most points. The trainer made the topics interesting and her tone of voice was not monotonous, which was very good. She even had fascinating stories about the experiences of other FLA's (term for the front liners facilitating WU).
On the 2nd day, there would be a creative presentation from each group as a recap of the topics discussed. Our group did not come up with any in our meeting. I just decided that we do a puppet show later that evening, since a skit would be ordinary. I made the paper dolls - I drew on a folder and then colored it. I slept at 11pm because of that.

It was worth it since it was appreciated by the trainer and some group mates said thanks, though they did not offer to pay for the materials I used. We also had an exam and I got 51/60, it was kind of disappointing for me. The latter part of the training was about the system itself and the speaker was so unlike the trainer, he just gave us info that was also fed to him. When we asked him questions, he did not know how to answer them and gave the excuse that he's not very familiar with it yet. I was thinking, train us when you yourself know how to really use the system. Maybe I'll learn more just by reading the operations manual.
We finished way earlier than the schedule and I, together with 2 colleagues, commuted to Robinsons Galleria Mall as our starting points for the next destination - home, gimmicks. After the 2 of them left, i got to hang out with a CSA from Dagupan. Both of us were waiting, she for her BF and I for my hubby. We talked about stuffs and it turned out that she may know my former "almost beau" who was also from Dagupan. Ha ha! It's a small world!
She went on ahead when her BF came since they had to travel far and I waited for my hubby. He just fetched me then we headed for the grocery in Trinoma where we first went to The Sizzling Pepper Steak for dinner. See my multiply for my review of the restaurant.
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