30 July 2008

The Week Starter

High school...

It was filled with memories - good ones, ugly ones, funny ones, maybe it's when you had your great infatuations (I know I had mine!). I enjoyed high school. I contributed to our school paper by writing poems, which is my hobby up until now. I even won in a Poem Writing contest, too bad I was not given a copy of my "winning piece". I also joined the Book Lover's Club with my friends. I was neither part of the popular nor rich group, and I was not in the cream section, but I was in the top of my class, the second section. It was a fun section I was in since first year high school. Competition was not stiff and we get to support each other in academics as well as the intramural. I even got to join a Science contest where I was grouped with our Valedictorian and we're pitted against other batches. We won the contest and I didn't even answer a single question! He he! There were also people that you prefer not to see after you graduate high school. I have one or two on my list. There were also some, who were not in your circle of friends, but you know you'd cherish for a long time.

It's been a decade since I graduated from high school. And last Sunday, 27th of July, was our Alma mater welcoming us back with a lunch, presentations and a raffle draw. All that for free! I attended with my hubby. I saw my former crush when we arrived. He emerged from a car that looked more appealing than him. He he! We climbed up to the 5th floor through the stairs because there isn't any elevator. Getting old = laziness? There we registered, sported name tags, had our alumni card processed (no, it's not free, it costs 50 pesos) and then sat down to wait for lunch. In fairness to our school, the food was not bad. I didn't mingle much, though. I'm quite shy. We were given anniversary key chains as souvenirs, but the school's 90th anniversary was last year! The occasion ended with a group picture of us batch mates with the faculty, organizers and coordinators.

We went to Starbucks, Binondo afterwards, my 2 guy friends, 1 girl friend who is getting married in November, my hubby and I. We chatted about her wedding AVP concept, color scheme for the gowns of the bridesmaids, etc. I had the hot Macchiato, my hubby Rix's Coffee Jelly drink was super sweet, their Strawberry Lamington was even sweeter. Ugh! Then Rix and I had to take our leaves because we still have to go to Serendra to pick up our daughter Elhaym's studio picture. It looks OK to me, Rix did not like it at all. Oh well! No more leisure walks since it's raining and mostly the place is open air and we didn't have any umbrella, so we just headed for home where our baby is waiting.

More pictures at our batch president's multiply.

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