01 August 2008

The Month Ender

Today is the last day of one of my branch mates. He's been here for 5 years and now, change is calling upon him. He will be assistant to our TBH in the EO. He will be missed. But then, there's always the telephone!

As a sort of farewell activity, we, minus the 2 officers, plus Rix, went to Wensha Spa, Timog yesterday evening, 31st of July. Both guys opted for the full body massage, and us girls had the foot spa. The establishment is badly in need of a full renovation. I think they are going to do so. I hope they are going to do so! The girls' locker room and wet area are grim. Ceilings are yellowing and peeling. Damaged stuffs were littered around. First, we hanged out at the jacuzzi area, dipping in the hot and cold pools, naked, save for a towel. Then, we showered. After that we were led to a dim room filled with lazy boys and a flat screen TV on one wall. Right in front of the chairs were built-in foot lavatories where we had our feet softened. My feet seemed to have layers of dead skin that my therapist scrubbed for quite a while. Eek! I don't think it lasted for an hour. It's pretty pricey considering it's just the feet and the price is same with the full body massage at P580. We even had to pledge our tips for the therapists by writing the amount on paper and signing it. Weird!

Behrouz is where we had our late dinner. There we ordered Shawarma, beef Kabab, liver Kabab and ox brain. I tried all, except for the brain, I really couldn't bring myself to take a bite of that. It wasn't even dressed up into something else, it just sat there, bluntly looking like a chopped brain. The Shawarma was OK, though the beef was a tad hard. I forgot to take photos of the food. Would you like to see a picture of the brain?
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