01 September 2008

Blog your way to...

The head is like a cauldron that is constantly simmering the experiences, stories, stimulation that are added on a daily basis. Ideas are juiced out and travel throughout the systems of the body then end up at the fingertips. An itch occurs and the hands find their way to a keyboard where a series of tapping is underway. These ideas become words that are sewn onto the great big fabric called Internet. This fabric has several multi-colored facets which are held up by billions of people around the world. These people are constantly admiring this fabric and the words sewn on it. One facet of it is called a blogosphere and is likened to a friendship bracelet with knots and links which are the blogs that interconnect. This is apt as the blogosphere promotes friendship among people of different races through blogs and allows them to be exposed to different cultures. They could see what others saw as photos and videos are shared, they could feel what they felt through the words that describe their experiences. They may not be physically with them, but they could laugh together at the antics, cheer at their goals, empathize with their pain. What amazing adventures take place inside people when they start blogging!
Note: I took this photo of a cover of a magazine I saw at S&R. It's called Artful Blogging.
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