28 August 2008

Bankable bank?

As an Interior Design graduate, I never thought I'd be working at a bank. But, here I am! Already with the company for 2 years and counting, this is my longest stay with a workforce. As in every corporate setting, there are ups and downs and I have my share of that, too.

  • Smiles and sincere thank yous from clients
  • Some generous ones give us food
  • Free passes to exhibits
  • Bonuses, increases, profit sharing
  • Medical benefits
  • Christmas is a fun time when clients give gifts
  • I hope they like our giveaways, too


  • Obnoxious clients and us becoming an extension of their offices
  • Incompetent units
  • Stinging eyes from looking at the monitor whole day
  • Sore back and big hips from mostly sitting

The ups outweigh the downs and I'm still content with my job. I'm looking forward to the merit increase (and in my salary since I was promoted) although it's not very much.

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