12 November 2009

The Inevitable

It was apparent that I really need to undergo the operation to remove my gall bladder. I went to consult with a surgery doctor who was referred to me by my friend. And nope, he doesn't hold office in the hospital where I don't want to get sick in. That's one thing, another thing I like about him is that he explains what's going on in my gall bladder, he even showed me pictures from his book. I can see that he aims to help people, especially those less fortunate financially, since he had no fixed consultation fee, the patient determines the amount. I also like the fact that he tells me upfront that he makes small incisions only, that there's no need for big ones, plus he will be getting an x-ray while operating so that he'll see if there are more stones in the ducts that should be removed. He didn't want the patients to endure more pain when the need to remove the stones in these ducts arises.

Still, I feel scared just by thinking about it. My schedule would be next week already! But if not now, when? I know I can't put it off any longer. The doctor said I cannot get pregnant unless I have it removed. When the pain attacks, the baby couldn't take pain killers. I guess it would be hard to have an operation with a big belly. Tomorrow, the doctor's secretary will call to confirm my schedule. The apple juice therapy didn't work on me, I promised I would have this operation...
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