27 November 2009


Souvenir: gallstones

Gingerly, gingerly... That's what I've been telling myself these past few days. I still could not move like I normally do; when sitting up from bed, when getting on and off the car, when picking up something from the floor. Simple actions like those. Six days after my operation and the wound still hurts. I could see a hint of disappointment in my daughter's eyes when I tell her I couldn't carry her yet. I also couldn't eat as much as I like (which is good, I guess, because I am already horizontally challenged).

Anyway, I am just glad this is over. The possibility of another pain attack wouldn't haunt me now. This experience made me realize things in my life, again. There are also some things that I saw for the first time.

  • God really is super good to me. He has blessed me greatly, and is now calling me to be a blessing to others.
  • My hubby truly, madly, deeply loves me!
  • My daughter could be obedient, caring and understanding sometimes, even if she's just 2 years old. She knows that I can't carry her yet, so she asks her daddy or the helper to carry her out of her playpen.
  • There are some people I could count on.
  • There are nice nurses and nice doctors, with "nice" professional fees.
  • It was hard to stick a needle into my veins on the back of my hand for the IV, they said they couldn't find a "suitable" one for the big needle.
  • Antiobiotic that's injected on the arm hurts sooooo much! Because I didn't have IV yet, the nurse injected it directly.
  • Nurses don't really follow all of the doctor's orders. My surgeon told a nurse to give me a head shampoo so I could feel refreshed, but she did not. She even argued that the bedsheets have already been changed.
  • Celine Dion's husband was her first and is her only love. I had lots of TV time at the hospital. Good thing they have cable. I even watched Twilight again, on Star Movies. Too bad they don't have free wireless Internet so I could tweet the happenings and my hubby wouldn't be too bored, ha ha!
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