25 July 2010

The New Guy

I never thought I'd fall in love again. And it's not with my hubby.

I met him just recently, about a week ago. At first, it seems he's just a cute boy. But as I get to know him each day - observing him, speaking softly to him, and as he fixes his gaze on me, I just cannot help myself. All of these - his soft, black hair, his hairy yet smooth skin, his chinky eyes, his cherry lips, his button nose, his tentative smiles - simply captivated my heart. He even smells good, too! I find myself singing love songs out of nowhere and giggling whenever I look upon his face. To have him in my arms is bliss! It doesn't really matter if I lack sleep at night, or that my back aches, all because of him.

Can you see why I fell?

Were you wondering about the pink and white blankie? It was his sister's. :-)
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