22 July 2010

Family and Technology

Thanks to technology, we now have more access to information that we need in out everyday life. An example is money saving tips, which are truly helpful in tough times like these. These tips also come from ordinary folks with whom we can relate to, with more or less the same lifestyles as we have. They share what they do to pinch pennies, and what bargains that we could look out for. They also have families to take care of, and to base their knowledge upon. And if a family plans to change residences, there are moving services information that it could peruse. Like if you are in Chicago, where my aunts are, you can find movers in Chicago. In the Philippines, it is important to call on safe and secure movers. I'll need to research on that if I plan to move out of our current home because we have so much stuff. And because of technology, we can readily connect with loved ones and friends who are far away. Since my beloved aunts are in Chicago, I can check a world clock to know what time it is there, and I can also send an email or see if they are online. Social networking sites are also helpful if I want to post pictures of my kids, update their milestones and share them with my family and friends. I think it is human nature to have the need to connect with other people, especially with those who are dear to us. Thanks to technology, there are several ways we can improve upon our family life.
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