25 August 2008

Closing Time and Mama's birthday

Yesterday, my mama turned __ years old. There was dinner prepared at their house at Araneta (my former home when I was still single) - Angus beef, tacos, spiral pasta with red sauce, baked ribs, my 2nd eldest brother brought seafood in taro with spinach (looked weird but was actually yummy), spicy squid and birthday noodles from Luk Foo. I was assigned to bring the cake. I planned to buy one at Estrell's, which makes delicious caramel cakes, so that they could try it. It turned out that I have to order a day ahead, they didn't have ready-made ones. I went away disappointed. I didn't know that policy! I ended up with a carrot cheesecake from S&R (how pathetic huh?), which my mama chose herself. Before the party began, Rix and I went with her to S&R (where I am a member) for some grocery shopping, because she said that it's been a long while since she last bought stuff there and she missed it. We left Elhaym at Araneta with my papa. We paid for all her purchases, but she insisted on paying for her supplementary card. That way, she could go there anytime she wants to shop. Oh, and we also bought a roasted chicken to add to the dishes for dinner.

Photo taken by my brother

While savoring our food, our eyes were savoring the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. It was also note-worthy, like the opening performance. I didn't really pay much attention to it (I was hungry), except for the presentation of London, who will host the next Olympics in the year 2012. It's mostly symbolism, where a bus from London arrived and a little girl took the torch from the Chinese then boarded the bus. The bus then became a mini stage where a lady emerged and sang, then a senior citizen guitarist appeared. Beckham was also there with the two and he kicked a ball towards the audience and an Asian (I'm not so sure of the nationality) scrambled to take hold of the ball like it's precious. The line from Closing Time by Semisonic "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" is applicable here. Beijing Olympics began and ended, and now it's London's turn to begin their preparations for the next 4 years.

It seemed like everyone had a full tummy and a great time!
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