24 August 2008

Go for the gold!

Nah, I'm not pertaining to the Beijing Olympics.

Ever since Elhaym was born, Nan1 was prescribed to her by her pediatrician. It is one of the more expensive infant formula around. So far, it suited my baby just fine. Up until it doesn't suit our budget anymore, so we asked the pedia to prescribe a new milk supplement for her, which is more inexpensive. So we bought a "trial version" of Progress Gold. It is yellowish in color and takes longer to dissolve in water. The measuring scoop is twice bigger, 2 scoops of Nan = 1 scoop of PG. It seems to agree with Elhaym since she finished most of her bottles. The one thing I don't like about it is that it makes Elhaym's poop very hard that she cries when she's defecating. I guess I have to up the ounces of water. *sigh*


Yesterday, I went to Ylaya in Manila to choose cloths at a friend's store. You can visit her stalls if you have a requirement for cloths for uniforms or for wedding gowns. The road that leads to the place was crazy! It was so cramped! But, it would be a lot worse come Christmas time. That's how it is in Divisoria. It's like walking behind a funeral car that moves forward ever so slowly. I had to watch my bag all the time as Manila is notorious for its pick-pockets. The vendors devised all kind of hollers, just to catch the attention of potential buyers of their products. I wonder why things there are so cheap...

The color scheme my friend, who is getting married in November, chose for her entourage was gold and champagne. Since she has a budget constraint, I, together with 2 of our friends, decided to be the ones to purchase her godmothers' cloths as a wedding gift. I was the one tasked to choose, so I think it would be best to go with her color scheme so I bought 39 yards of these two-tone gold whatchamacallit cloths. Sorry, I don't know what's the specific name of these cloths. I felt that I have accomplished something cool. I hope she likes it! And her godmothers, too! If none of them used the cloths, then they didn't!

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