23 August 2008

My Little Superstar

I read in a book that a baby, after a few months of observing the world around him/her, begins to display his/her own preferences. My Elhaym is no exception. My heart is bursting with pride for being blessed to be the mommy of this bundle of joy.

She's a friendly child. She waves and smiles at people she meets. They adore her. She says bye bye and blows me a kiss when I'm going out, although there are many times she would protest at my leaving. She giggles and laughs at my corny antics, she's my fan! I love the feeling of both of us laughing together. She's the sweetest thing that's ever happened to me. She hugs me real tight, she kisses me and her daddy on our cheeks, she even kisses her stuffed toys and plastic toys and the remote!

She drinks lots of water. She likes wheat bread, vegetables and especially fruits. That's very good! I should learn to be like her - a healthy eater. When a catchy music comes on, she would start to bob her head, or sway it from side to side, when she's standing, she would bend her knees and point her thumb at herself - that's how she dances. I wonder if she imitated those moves from Wowowie dancers? I expressly told the yaya* not to let Elhaym watch that show.

I think little girls are little angels sent by God. But, sometimes, she doesn't act like one. She craves my attention when she's left in the play pen and she would shout with all her might and throw her toys in my direction. She likes to watch how gravity works, and she would drop things from her high chair - the spoon, the bowl, etc. Oh well, I just have to stretch my patience a little further.

Well, Elhaym is not perfect, but she's perfect for me (and her daddy).

On a related note, the Huggies site offers great parenting tips and ideas on how to enhance a child's development.

*yaya: English Definition: (noun) nurse; nursemaid; wet nurse; governess
Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/
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