23 August 2008

A darker shade of purple

Were there times when you feel like you have a dark side that is wanting to come out, but you suppress it because you have a goody goody image to protect?
Once, I let this dark side surface, and a poem was born. The witch in me talked. (*thunder sound and some scary music*)

No one's hurt me like you do
I'm gonna get me a rag doll
And pretend that it's you
Get scissors and cut the hair
Get a knife and rip the chest
To the stomach and even down there
Twist the legs at an odd angle
Separate the arms from the body
With a rope the neck I'll strangle
Prick and ruin the eyes with a pin
With the knife, slit the mouth even wider
Get a handful of cockroaches and stuff them in

One day you were found cold and dead
Looking like a rag doll with an ugly head

Are you scared of me now? (*evil laugh*)

Well, that happened only once. Just one episode, and no reruns.

I swear, I felt like a mangkukulam* with this poem. It's frightening!

*mangkukulam: n. bewitcher, sorcerer, witch
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