07 September 2008

I was robbed!

Normally, I wouldn't take a cab. I only do when I would go home a bit late from a girls' night out, and with one of them, who lives near my area, in tow. I am afraid that the driver will suddenly wield a weapon at me and demand for my bag, or take me somewhere isolated, or that outside thieves would open the car doors and rob me and the driver.

Yesterday, I took a bus to Trinoma because I needed to buy a birthday gift, Pampers and Cerelac. Also, I was looking for a pencil case-like holder for Elhaym's toothbrush. I got tired from all the walking and going up and down floors of the department store. After I bought take-out KFC chicken for our dinner, I went out to wait for a cab at the taxi stand. The security guard hailed one for me. When I said Caloocan, the driver replied that it's far (which I believe is not) and that I need to add 30 pesos to the meter price. I didn't argue and I know I should have told him to stop the car, get out and take another cab, but I guess I'm just stupid/lazy like that. Thoughts were playing in my mind. What if I don't pay him when I get to my destination? Or what if I declare that all I have is this much? Either way, I was afraid he'd point a gun or knife at me, he'd even take my cellphone if I say I don't have enough money. I thought that he had already doubled the flag down rate, when I arrived outside our gate, the meter read 185 pesos. I said, "That's so expensive!" as I was handing him the payment, he replied that it's far and that I still lack the additional 30 pesos. I was aghast! I didn't even take down the cab's name and plate number, how foolish of me! (slap on the forehead)

Even though he didn't take a knife to my throat, I still felt that I was robbed. I hope that the Lord will vindicate me and teach that driver a lesson in Karma, like his car breaking down or he'll be shifted to being a sidewalk vendor for life.
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