09 September 2008

A birthday party to remember

If you are planning a birthday party for your child, and you are NOT on a tight budget, and that your guests children and adults alike will enjoy, here's an idea.

You could rent the Wackwack Golf and Country Club Pavilion and transform it into a mini fair ground. There would be an inflatable playground and booths to enjoy games like throwing a ball at stacked soda cans sort of like bowling, or shooting: balls into mini hoops, coins into little cups and saucers, rings around swords stuck in a treasure chest, catching some goldfishes, popping balloons propped on a makeshift wall with darts, shooting some plastic animals with a toy gun, playing miniature golf. Every point earned has a corresponding ticket which allows the guests to claim prizes with a certain number of points, like an arcade. There would also be a booth for face painting and a booth where the picture of the kids or adults would be made into a Cars themed kiddie driver's license.
You could hire a nice caterer for the adults' food, Jollibee for the kids' meals and have plenty of food booths around, like cotton candy, hotdog, taho, fried fish balls, ice cream, ice cones, siomai, and popcorn. Games for adults could be organized and contestants could get a chance to win an iPod and a flat screen TV. Then there would be a kids' game like the game Bring Me with a cellular phone prize at stake. There would be an arts & crafts portion for the kids and the masterpieces would be judged, then prizes would be awarded to winners.
You could get mascots like the Jollibee cast, Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, Scooby Doo and Barney and have them perform dance numbers for the audience. There would be characters like the guy on stilts, the silver man/statue and a mime walking around and entertaining people. You could hire Chico and Delamar, the popular radio jock duo of Monster Radio, as your hosts.
At the end of the party, you could give out Cars themed loot backpacks with a matching pencil case, some junk food and a bottled tea drink inside, for the kids.

Photo of the dancers (Buzz, Jollibee and Darth Vader) taken with my cellphone's camera

Plus, Barney!

That was how my cousin and her hubby threw the first birthday party of their firstborn son.
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