13 December 2012

The Camera Diary at The Breastfeeding Club's Meeting

Last December 2, a handful of eager parents, some with their precious bundles, trooped to Medela House for The Breastfeeding Club’s final meeting for the year 2012.

The parents had their fill of helpful knowledge about breastfeeding from Ms. Abbie Venida-Yabot, Leader of La Leche League Manila, especially now that the Christmas holiday is fast approaching. Then they connected with each other and with their inner maternal and paternal sparks with the help of Ms. Anna Escay-Cortez, Chief Spark of My Masterpiece Movement. The attendees were ready to face the challenges of parenting with renewed confidence.

What better way to treat these parents who were there than to bring home a wonderful souvenir portrait? The Breastfeeding Club partnered with The Camera Diary to provide the pictorial services complete with an elegant studio-type set-up delivering quality photos as a keepsake. The Camera Diary offered their top-notch expertise in portraiture with on-the-spot editing of pictures so they’d be perfect to frame and display. This is a lovely way to capture the smiles of moms, dads and even children who were happy to discover more ways to love their family and were satisfied with their learning from the event.

Below are a couple of the souvenir photos taken at the said event. The Camera Diary did a studio-type photobooth for the speakers and the participants.

Ms. Abbie and family

Ms. Maricel and family
Please visit The Camera Diary's Facebook page for more pictures from the portfolio and the rates. 
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