12 December 2012

From Hot Water To A Snowy Daydream

Hot water is very useful for washing oily dishes and for soaking stained clothes. Some people also use it for taking a shower in the mornings and for bathing babies. Those are just some of the uses I know of hot water here in a tropical country like the Philippines. In places where it's cold all-year round, or during autumn and winter, hot water is one of their basic necessities. The inhabitants would need to have a good hot water system and would probably have something like Hot Water Tanks Calgary installed. They probably also employed services of Clearview Plumbing 4805 32 Street Southeast Calgary, AB T2B 2X3 for needs involving water and plumbing.

If my hubby and I had pushed through with our intention to go to Canada, I am sure that Clearview would be important for our housing needs as it not only offers water heating system and plumbing services, but other services like drain cleaning and unclogging, furnace maintenance and air conditioning installation. 

Living here in the Philippines for 30+ years, relocating to a cold country would definitely be a tremendous change. I am not really sure if I could stand the climate. I have never been to a place with snow yet. I wonder what it's like to be in a real winter wonderland for the Christmas season... 

In my opinion, though a snowy scene could be a quite picturesque to capture, and making snowmen, having a snowball fight or making snow angels could be attractive activities, I think I would like to do all that for only one day, and that's it. For me, the disadvantages of having snow far outweigh the happy images of frolicking in it. You know what I mean, it would be difficult to go out as driveways have to shoveled, tires needed to be chained to avoid accidents, the heater should be working, the children might get sick, etc. Am I correct in assuming this?

A stay at a warm and toasty log cabin, while snow is falling outside, with a fireplace crackling and mugs of hot chocolate enjoyed by my hubby and me while snuggled under a comforter would be a part of my life list or remain a daydream. *sigh*

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