19 December 2012

To Buy A New Refrigerator Or Not?

Now that our bedroom air conditioner is a split-type inverter, we are also thinking of an inverter-type of refrigerator. They said that the savings on the electricity bill would be greater in the long run. I suppose so.

So what brand of inverter refrigerator should I look into? The brand that I am aware of as of now is Samsung. I am not so sure about others, though.

Our ref is six years old already, but so far, it is still good. Now that the children are getting bigger and they would sometimes open the door of the ref just to look at eggs or for no reason, I am not sure how long it will last. To keep the ref in tip-top shape, I think editing is very vital. Once in a two months, or once a month, we need to check the contents to see if there's food that's going bad, and medicine that's beyond the expiration date. Cleaning is important because a sticky ref is an icky ref.

Over the years, the odor changes because of so many kinds of food that we store so an odor control disc from Frigidaire Store would be helpful. We also need to check the frigidaire refrigerator parts if they're still working or replacements are needed. Like our ref bulb, sometimes when I open the door, it doesn't light up. It makes me wonder if I would need universal appliance light bulbs. Oh, and maybe I would need a replacement for the kickplate, too, because it's out of place already. 

So, what do you think? How long is the life span of a refrigerator? Should it be replaced or not? :-)

the odor control disc
the universal appliance light bulbs
the refrigerator kickplate

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