21 December 2012

Which kitchen utensils do I need?

For a guy who is most likely a dad, who loves tinkering with the car or with bicycles, electrical stuff, or carpentry, having an organized garage installed with gladiator garageworks filled with all kinds of tools is his haven.

For a homemaker who is most likely a mom, an organized kitchen complete with kitchen tools and gadgets like food processor, juicer, vegetable cutter, recipe book holder, mixer and so much more, is her haven.

For me, a homemaker without much talent for cooking or baking, a lovely kitchen would probably just be part of a daydream. I am in dire need of improvement in the cooking department. I also haven't baked from scratch all by myself. One time, I went to a home depot and saw these:

I scratched my head and wondered which I should buy. I was overwhelmed with the many kinds of kitchen utensils, and with the different materials they're made from.

To all the domestic divas and kitchen goddesses out there, I implore you to answer my questions:

  • Should the material of the frying spatula and the ladle match the material of the pots and pans?
  • Would stainless steel spatula scratch the surface of non-stick pans?
  • Could Teflon® or silicon utensils stand the heat when cooking?
  • Should I get every kind and every shape of cooking utensil?
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