05 October 2008

Beauty and (subtle) Madness

Make-up was once my friend, when I was 6 years old. I went to my mama's dresser and painted my eyelids blue and my lips red, then went down to the dining area for my birthday celebration, where a picture of me was taken with my Cinderella themed birthday cake. I used to love Disney's Cinderella before Beauty and the Beast came.
I dare not post THAT picture of me here!
But after that, we've drifted apart. Especially since my pores got as big as manholes, I was afraid pressed powder/foundation/blush-on would clog them right up, then I'll have zits and pimples for a face. Also, I know for a fact that lipsticks make the lips lose their natural blush of red or pink, so I just use lip glosses, once in a while.
For many years, no real communication happened between us, just a few Hi's and hello's when I sang at a musical play, went to the prom and became a bridesmaid twice. Rix even liked me without it. We were re-acquainted on my wedding day, though, but that was it.
Or so I thought.
Age is now catching up on me. After I gave birth, once non-existent freckles popped out and were noticeable that even a male friend commented upon them. *sigh* I am badly in need of a major cover-up, yet I am so clueless with this make-up business. Should I use a whitening cream to "erase" these freckles, if possible? Is concealer enough, or would I still need a gel foundation? Someone once told me that after using concealer, put on face powder so the face would have a uniform color. Yeah, I know, obviously my skin tone and pigmentation seem uneven. Boo!
But, I still do not want to use lipstick. Lip gloss is just fine for me, like for my friend Meg.
Oh, and my hair is drier now. Does it come with age, too? I used to use this great and awesome shampoo from Clairol called the Herbal Essences. It made my hair so soft and fragrant. I simply loved it! I don't know why, but it was pulled off our country's market. Such a shame! Can someone send me a lifetime supply of it? Pretty please?But, that was in high school or college, when I was still young. My hair could be naturally soft at that time... Could be...
Anyhow, I saw it once in S&R (sells imported goodies). I promised myself I will purchase it once my current shampoo is finished. But I couldn't resist! The last time I went to S&R, I prepared to take it off the rack, and then... "Nooooooooo!" IT'S NOT SHAMPOO! IT'S BODY WASH! The floor beneath me swayed and my surroundings became a blur. I was crestfallen beyond belief!
OK, I exaggerate, but still...!
I will include that in my Christmas wish list that I will mail to Santa (or benevolent people in North America/Europe/Australasia/Middle East/China or Japan) sometime this month.
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