11 October 2008

I love him (and desserts!)

Do shopping, food and love mix? I think so.

I was looking forward to this day for the longest time. But it was just a week ago when I thought of taking a VL from work to spend it with my hubby. It was, after all, our 2nd wedding anniversary. Out itinerary was mapped out just a day ago, or maybe on the day itself. The only activity that we thought of ages ago was the dinner.

We pulled to a stop outside the gate of the office/warehouse/factory of a popular retail clothing company. We got out and I was glad that the rain that started moments ago stopped. It was a fine day again. A fine day it was for shopping, especially with a husband's consent and at his expense, too! Nope, we didn't shop the usual way which is at the mall or during sale's, the prices here are much more inexpensive because the ones sold here are overruns, the stocks are limited and the designs are a tad backdated compared to ones being sold at mall outlets at present. But the styles are quite nice nonetheless and definitely wearable. We first paid the manager a visit, since she happens to be Rix's older sister. Then we were led to a stockroom with a big working table in the middle. This was where the shirts were laid out. I first looked at clothing (mostly shirts and blouses) for Elhaym. I took each one out of their plastic bags and laid them side by side. There were puff-sleeved, with ruffles, with glitters, with beads, with large prints, sporty design...so many cute styles to choose from. Finally, I got 7 with unique designs that would look great on Elhaym. Next, Rix had his turn at the table. He even got several pants to go with the shirts. Lastly, I selected 6 shirts and 2 fashionable blouses. I hope they all would fit! *cross fingers* After we paid for our choices (the manager was generous and she did not charge us for Elhaym's blouses), we stopped by her office, thanked her and took our leave. Shopping together brought us closer as we get to solicit each other's POV on the styles, there were ones that he chose for me since I want to dress for him. I was excited to try on the shirts and blouses, but time was not enough and we had to prepare for our date as there was reservation and the restaurant only allotted 15 minutes as grace period.

We left kind of early so we arrived just on time despite the traffic jam on the way to Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Our reservation was in the Spiral restaurant inside the hotel. This was my idea since I heard from my office mates that food there is great and they'd like to dine there sometime. I was feeling a bit confident in my white and purple dress with flower prints, purple piping and a purple silk ribbon around the waist and wedge sandals. The skirt was swishing around my legs as I walk. I powdered my face so it wouldn't shine with oil, I glossed my lips, and I had a handsome escort beside me. We were led by a lady in green who looked like an Amazon woman with her hair in a bun and sported large pieces of gold jewelry such as a double spiral-designed bracelet on her upper arm. The buffet table was very long and a person could start just about anywhere as there were plates below every corner. I got what was new to my sight and taste buds and some recommendations from Rix. He loved the cold oysters, which I didn't dare try. Different cuisines from different countries were represented. I haven't reached the Chinese and Filipino sections when the array of desserts caught my eye. I was trapped by the temptation and I was having dessert in no time! There were little cakes and cheesecakes, mousses in 3 flavors, creme brulee in 3 flavors, ice cream, chocolate and white chocolate fountains. The designs of the sweets were tempting and Rix couldn't help but take pictures of them, I was the one who ate them after their turns under the camera. Trying out new food at this new restaurant was fun for us as we got to exchange feedback on the different cuisines, texture and taste of the food; and of course, views about the other diners there. At last! We finished! So we took slow walks around the hotel to help our digestion along. The view of the pool area with greenery weaving around it was grand. Too bad taking photos here is prohibited. *pout*

We went home with protruding, contented tummies and a smile in my heart. 2 years down... So far, love is growing big and strong.

And then, like I always say: there's always room for dessert! *wink*
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