26 October 2008

Fat, but frail

Yesterday afternoon, I went to one of my friend's condo unit for the dress fitting for her upcoming wedding. I was to be one of her bridesmaids.

This was the view from the 15th floor. Philippines is getting quite crowded, isn't it?

I slipped into the dress, and was not really 'in' the dress when the couturier declared that the dress was too small. No one even helped me zip up! How did they know that I wouldn't fit? The bride-to-be chided me for growing myself fat since the measurement a couple of months ago. I would have pulled on her long locks if she wasn't my good friend. I just smiled and nodded while my self-esteem dropped a notch. I am badly in need of proper diet and exercise. And, my health is also suffering.
3 is the number of times I was rushed to the ER.
3 is also the number of nights I was coughing so hard I couldn't breathe.
300 is the value of my triglycerides when the maximum value should be 150.

After that, I went up to the 17th floor with my soon-to-wed friend and another close friend, who is also a bridesmaid-to-be. This is their residence at present. We watched TV, specifically The Witches of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana, while waiting for the invitations. They never came while I was there. We also hanged out at the balcony while sipping instant coffee.

A beautiful dusk sky made me forget for a moment that I was in the city.

But, alas!

Time with them was capped by their visit here at our home, because they wanted to see Elhaym and how she has grown.

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