04 November 2008

7 Parenting Principles

I just finished reading the book entitled God Said It, Don't Sweat It. Hop over to my multiply for the review. Neil Clark Warren, a psychotherapist and the author of this book, presented seven parenting principles that I want to share with you.

Principle #1: Your child is a separate being.
Principle #2: You have been entrusted with the sacred task of helping your children become everything they are capable of becoming.
Principle #3: Vital to your children's development is a consistent experience of being loved unconditionally.
Principle #4: Parents must carefully determine and consistently maintain limits for their children.
Principle #5: Parents must decide how to discipline their children in the most effective way.
Principle #6: Parents should help their children dream a big dream for their lives.
Principle #7: Parents must help their children develop strong character and healthy values.

Note: I got the image from Amazon.
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