30 October 2008

Thoughts from the sauna

  • Where is God leading me? Should I switch to another bank as suggested by my papa? Here or far away? On crossroads...
  • I hope I get a good massage later on.
  • Hm... 10 minutes have passed and I have not broken into a sweat yet. I stood up, reached for the ladle and scooped water onto the hot rocks. It sizzled and after a few minutes, beads of sweat formed on my face and my arms were moist. But, I was getting light-headed so I stepped out eventually.
  • I touched my hair. Oh no, is it drying out? Maybe I should have bought hot oil treatment and put it on my hair, then wrap a moist towel around it.
  • I really need to lose weight
Massage musings:
  • Ouch! Not too hard please!
  • If only you could massage away my flabs.
  • I.must.not.fall.asleep.zzz... I don't know why, but I tend to fall asleep while being massaged, even if it's a bit hard.
  • And if I fall asleep and the attendant doesn't wake me up, Rix will be waiting for quite a while in the common area, and he'll get impatient.
My hubby and I went to Orchard Spa to get a massage. The place was small, yet cozy. The amenities were satisfactory (although I like Spas to have a steam bath facility) and the attendants were helpful and smiling. The therapist assigned to me was courteous and considerate, now and then she was asking me if the pressure was OK. We even took advantage of the offer 'free meal after every massage'. The food at the Redwood Restaurant was so-so. Not all dishes were available. But then, it was already 10 p.m. when we finished.
My right shoulder and jaw throbbed after that, and the ache in Rix's nape did not go away. Was it effective or not?
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