09 November 2008

Good news, Bad news

Firstly, the good news.

After years of its disappearance from the Philippine market, this brand of hair care has recently made a comeback with greater variety and packaged in funkier bottles. As I have raved about its awesomeness and ranted about its seemingly passing out of existence here, the country (or is it just me?) would be glad to find Herbal Essences gracing the supermarkets again. It offers choices for the buyers, too! Do you want your conditioner to be separate? You could opt for the 2-in-1 too, if you're on a budget, like me. Is your hair colored? Is it limp or too frizzy? Is it dry? Or ridden with dandruff? They have shampoos for each of those categories. Personally, I am torn between the one for flakes and the hydrating one. I can't wait to try it out!

Now, for the bad news.

I read this news on Tara's blog. Her name is Sheila Kathleen McBroom, a blogger from Anchorage, Alaska and Tara's friend, and she's been missing since Oct. 27 until now. Although she's continents away from me and I had only come to know her blog through Tara's, I feel concerned because both of us are a part of the blogosphere, so we're connected somehow. Her family is of course worried sick, her eldest daughter even wrote an entry on her blog, asking for any information. The most recent news update can be read here. I just feel the need to disseminate this. I hope to God she will be found soon!

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