13 December 2008

The Gathering (Of friends and of trees)

The Monday following Irish's wedding was a special non-working holiday. While she was at her honeymoon in Macau, the rest of the gang, Rix and I met up at Don Henrico's for a nice pizza-pasta-fried goodies lunch. There we treated Mary since she's the guest of honor from Taiwan. After hours of eating and talking, there were leftovers still, we went for a walk at the Robinsons Place shopping mall to digest the food in our tummies. Some of them did a little shopping. Then off we went to watch Twilight in one of the theaters at the mall. I enjoyed it. We did a little reminiscing of our high school days over coffee at Cafe Breton afterwards. This time, Mary went home with Chloe because they were to buy dried mangoes the next day, Mary will bring these back to Taiwan for her friends. Her stay was short due to unpaid leaves as an employee of less than 1 year. I hope she enjoyed.


I was scheduled for a Pulmonary Function Test today by the doctor I saw yesterday because of my cough that I thought was Asthma. While I was waiting, I got bored and took a picture of their glittery tree using my phone. Sorry for the blurry photo.

The test was a bit tiring as I had to breathe through my mouth and I was told to expel all air from my lungs, to inhale with all my might and to pant fast with deep inhaling, several times. I even coughed towards the end of the test. I was a bit light-headed afterwards. Then, I had an X-ray of my lungs done. 3 films with different positions, I wonder why.

I was happy that my hubby offered to come fetch me. So, while I was waiting for him (while people-watching, too), I took this snapshot of the Christmas tree at the lobby.

Regretfully, we don't have one at home. I'll just post this picture of the tree at my workplace. It's a budgeted tree, so it might look a little "malnourished".

I helped decorate it. What do you think? Here is a photo of the other decors, to compensate, I suppose.

There's a nice Christmas tree over at Momisodes, take a peek here.

Anyway, the technician over at the Pulmonary Department said that my results were high. It meant that I have no Asthma, it may be I am just having an allergic reaction. Thank God!
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