16 December 2008


She is a shy girl, the quiet one in their group of three. She seemed intelligent at first, but they say she's the slowest to pick up instructions. The other two would sometimes tease her, she would just smile and mumble something in defense. She started college 6 years ago, and she's still at it at present. It makes one wonder. Her dad was the one who spoke to us of her intention of joining us for a period of time. He must be a patient man, to keep seeing her study for so long and to keep paying for her tuition.
I don't know what I would do if my daughter grew up to be like her...

He is the nephew of his wife. He borrowed his uncle's shirt one day. It got stained when it was washed. Instead of admitting his fault, he asked the helper to just put it back in his uncle's closet as if nothing happened. It was discovered, but instead of apologizing, he offered to pay for it, at his parents' expense (their financial status is not that good and they had to borrow money from this particular uncle from time to time).
I must teach my daughter to be honest and admit her mistakes, to apologize and try her best not to do it again.

For me, they are problematic.
But, maybe it's OK for them to take their time in school, not considering working to somehow repay their parents.
Or perhaps it's OK to borrow other people's things, and not take good care of them.
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