26 December 2008

My Holiday Happenings

A snowman-shaped brownie just for me!

I haven't been posting any entry for the longest time. Sorry... It's just that I've been feeling tired lately from work. The number of transactions at the bank were few but the volumes were huge. Although we were busy, we were able to deliver our best effort and it's heart-warming to know that some clients really, genuinely appreciated our service. We were given some gifts like calendars, shirts, bags and umbrellas. They sent over food like tofu with mushroom and chicken, pizza pies, cakes, noodles, brownies, ice cream, etc. I think I gained several pounds and inches over a few days. And it was not Christmas yet!

It is Christmas Day!
Breakfast of ham and more ham,
Prepared by hubby.

Remembering them,
Loved ones that had gone away,
Reminiscing times.

Dinner with fam'ly
There at Fort Bonifacio,
Had nice walks and nice talks.

We also opened Christmas gifts, most are for Elhaym. It's obvious that she favors teddy bears over dolls.


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