28 December 2008

Interaction Insights

The hubby's friends and their families came over this afternoon for a dinner and reunion. Sometimes, I chide other moms (in my head only) for being too overprotective of their children when playing with other children. Always following them around with arm outstretched. Now I understand where they are coming from. My daughter got the chance to mingle with other children close to her age, but older. I was worried that she will be bullied, or be pushed by those kids or would get hurt some way. But when that happens, I don't know if it's OK to tell those kids off because the parents might get mad at me. And if I tell them directly about their children's behavior, they might get insulted that I am criticizing their parenting skills. *sigh* Being a mommy is tough. What if my child went to pre-school? She would encounter different types of kids, I can't shield her from all of them!

Elhaym has toys littered in the living area, so the other kids started playing with them. She might not understand it yet, but she needs to learn how to share. We've managed to teach her to say 'thank you' when her request is granted, or when she's given a gift. The road to Good Manners and Right Conduct is probably long, but it's a journey we as parents have to take. I must never forget to display them myself. Elhaym imitates our actions like using a spoon or typing on the keyboard. She is also like a parrot, she repeats words that are being taught her. Rix and I are always being amazed at how quick Elhaym absorbs stuff.

And she shows off what she has learned to people who are willing to witness. I am so proud of her!
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