29 December 2008

Food Experiment #2

We had some cooked spaghetti noodles left from the dinner with my hubby's friends held here in our home. Since the sauce that was made was hot, and my tongue couldn't tolerate very spicy food, I made new sauce. I decided not to have the usual meaty red sauce, hence, I googled for a Tuna Spaghetti recipe with ingredients available locally, and this is what came up.
I used these ingredients to make the sauce (what I have at home):
garlic, minced
onion, diced
canola oil
2 cans of tuna chunks in vegetable oil (instead of one)
2 packs of 200 g. tomato sauce (instead of canned)
2 packs of 70 g. cream of mushroom powder, dissolved in water (instead of Campbell's)
basil leaves seasoning (instead of Italian seasoning)
grated cheese

Maybe I should have upped the measurement of the tomato sauce? The sauce kind of looked pale, don't you think? The taste was a bit weird and seemed to lack some flavor. The cheese brought out the taste of the tuna, though. But, I liked it anyway. I would make it again, but with a few adjustments. What kind of adjustments? Follow the recipe to the letter, I suppose? *think think think*
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