31 December 2008

Food Experiment #3

Hm... My blog seems to be about food these past two days.

We had a healthy lunch of steamed fish today, because we are going to eat our hearts out later this evening at Annapolis Seafood Restaurant with my side of the family. Plus, we are preparing food for the Media Noche (Midnight Meal) much, much later this evening while counting down the hours until the arrival of 2009. We already started on my hubby's Beef with Mushroom and my Mashed Potatoes.

I tried the recipe from Mai da Paypay's blog. Actually, it's more of the recipe of the sauce. I guess I put in too much ginger, its taste was very strong. But, overall, it was a good one. At least I added an interesting twist to plain old steamed fish. The fish that I used was Tilapia.

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