31 December 2008

New Year, Grateful Me

Less than an hour and it's the year 2009 already. My hubby and I were waiting, while watching TV, while observing the fireworks around us, while munching on shrimps cooked in butter and garlic. Usually, people wait for the new year while counting down to the last second, I guess that's how they welcome it. As if something magical will happen suddenly at the stroke of midnight. As if one will be changed into a better person when the new year comes in. I sure hope it's that easy.

Looking back on the year 2008, I see so much that I am grateful for, even though there were disappointments and frustrations in between.

Blessings to count:
  • My family as they were supportive of me and my own family. They treat my hubby like their own son/brother and they were caring towards my daughter.
  • My wonderful husband who is ever loving and a good provider.
  • My daughter who never ceases to amaze me and bring me so much joy.
  • My relatives who complete the meaning of the word family.
  • My friends who add color to life by being themselves and never judging me.
  • My work where I could give my best and prevents me from being idle.
  • My colleagues who believe in my abilities and a boss who is understanding and fair to all.
  • My blogger buddies who share their lives and ideas with me, from whom I learn much.
  • Most of all, the Lord who loves me in spite of my sins and my failure to strengthen my fellowship and relationship with Him. I can feel His presence in my life the way He makes things work for me and by His answers to my prayers. Every day, He gives me wisdom to face life and to be what He made me to be - a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mommy, a friend.
I pray that the new year will see the fruits of our plans. And may it see a better me.
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