03 January 2009

SAHM is blogging

So, so many blogs out there, so little time to read them all.

It was just last year that I decided to post regularly in my blog after years of kinda looking for it, I thought the Blogger system deleted it. I'm glad I have it again. It is where I channel my ideas and thoughts that come to me in my everyday life. It is also through this that I met other mommies out there who also love to blog. It expanded my online network and I got to read about their lives, how they handle their families and children. Because each mom and each kid are uniquely different, I learned that there is no sure formula for being a perfect mom, other than loving our children unconditionally.

Last month, I had an 8-day vacation from work because of the holidays. I got to experience being an SAHM. Whew! It was hard. It induced in me a great admiration for all the SAHM's and WAHM's out there. How do they do it? Having to take care of the baby/babies, keep the house clean, cook the meals, sew some clothes, do the laundry, get some work done to keep the expenses paid; they even have the time to blog and surf the Net.

My 1 year old already keeps my hands full. While walking around the house or climbing up chairs, I have to see to it that she doesn't get her hands on electrical sockets or that she doesn't fall off the chairs and bump her head on the hard, tiled floor. It's difficult to stay super focused on her while preparing and cooking lunch. I had to ask my hubby to keep an eye on her, too. Good thing his shop is closed and he's on vacation also. The helper spent her Christmas with her own family. It seemed like a day is not enough to do everything. I did not even get to clean the house. I guess the key here is time management (which I'm very poor at), and to list (an attainable list) what needs to get done on a particular day. I am thankful for having the luxury of a helper to do the household chores while I concentrate on Elhaym. I know the SAHM's particularly in the U.S. do not even have a helper. So, they are quite good. Especially, the single moms out there that don't even have a husband to lend a hand at raising their children. It applies here that "Practice makes permanent". And I will start to practice by the time I resign from my 8-5 work and be a WAHM. That is one of my goals this year.

I suppose I'll have to read more blogs on how to juggle being a good mommy, a good wife, running the household and working from home.
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