31 January 2009

"You can't face your problem...

...if the problem is your face." -Now where did I hear that? I forgot, maybe from some comedy show, or a friend's quip. Do you agree with the saying? He he!

Last Thursday, one of my colleagues and I went to Trinoma to have a facial. First, we had a dinner of sizzling fish fillets with rice and some veggies. Then we decided to grab a dessert of fruits in crepes with an ice cream scoop. Yum! After that, we proceeded to F. Flawless to have our facials, but were turned down because "we cannot be accommodated as they were fully booked". We didn't buy that. The only people who were at the waiting area were a guy, seemingly waiting for a patient inside, and one of their therapists. The door to the treatment room opened and we saw that there were many vacant beds. We cooked up some reasons why we were turned down:
  • We didn't have records there
  • They were choosy, and maybe thought we couldn't pay
  • Closing time is near, and they didn't want to stay later than usual
So, we went to the concierge to inquire other facial salons in the mall. We ended up at Dermstrata. I would like to commend them for accommodating us on such short notice and answering our questions regarding their services. The price of their facial was more reasonable than that of the former, plus their place and the facilities look more sophisticated. There were individual rooms, a room for two and for four. They even have Shiatsu or Swedish massage. I had the Placenta/Collagen Facial Treatment with eye treatment and additional collagen infusion at a fee, supposedly to fight the aging process. They were thorough in cleansing and the "dirt" that was removed from my face was a little overwhelming (they show patients how much they got). I couldn't remember the last time I had a facial. Now, my face feels as smooth as a baby's behind, well, almost! It was refreshing. The therapist was courteous and her hands were light, it didn't hurt that much when she was removing my blackheads and whiteheads, etc. The staff did the whole drill and didn't hurry us out even when it's past their closing time already. They also have other services that I want to try, like the said massage, painless hair removal, underarm whitening, body scrub, Thermasculpt (to lose 2 inches off the waist, I think. Yay to being slimmer instantly), foot spa, etc. Ooh! It would be so nice to get pampered.

I would definitely go back when it's time to have a facial again. And I might have the moolah to try the other treatments, too!
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