15 March 2009

All Aboard!

We emerged from the ship hot, sweating and thirsty. I don't know if I would like to go back or not. I bought a souvenir ID lace, a Christian book and a Care Bear book for my daughter. I didn't want to have difficulty navigating through people and bumping with them anymore just to look for nice books. They even ran out of Photography books which were aligned with my hubby's interest. The prices were reasonable, though.

The staircases of the ship were not the usual rise and run. It's like a diagonal plank with evenly spaced half tube protrusions. I guess you'd know if you've been on one. It was harder going down. Whew! The crew on board were mostly foreigners. Before one buys a ticket priced at Php10, there were two mime performers there for entertainment.

It was a couple of hours after lunch when we arrived. The sun was shining brightly so I had Elhaym wear a cap and a pair of sunglasses. It's good that I brought a folding umbrella to shield us from intense sunlight as we queued a good long way from the ship. From the end of the line, we could see so many silhouettes of people milling on the deck. We almost backed out.

The ship's name is MV Doulos. It is docked on Manila shores until the end of March.
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