01 March 2009

Family, SHMILY

For some, Sunday is a family day. And, yes, we spent this day together. Too bad we didn't catch the service at our church because we woke up late due to being tired from our trip to Pangasinan where we visited my hubby's relatives. We also went there for his Grandma's death month-sary prayer session. His mother's family is Catholic.

First, we took lunch with my side of the family. We had Chinese fresh lumpia, sweet & sour pork, fish fillet with broccoli, shrimp with veggies and fresh strawberries for dessert. After they played with my daughter and after she turned their house upside down, we left for my college Alma Mater - University of the Philippines. Rix and I planned to take Elhaym there for fresh air and some exercise. It's like a park, it is open and requires no entrance charge. We found parking outside one of the nearby college buildings and then we walked to the Sunken Garden where lots of people were gathered - playing soccer, playing football, having a meeting, seated under the large trees, having a picnic. While we sat on the grass, we enjoyed ice cream as Elhaym walked around. I really enjoy these moments with my very own family. I feel the coziness of love inside.

This is the Grandstand in the Sunken Garden where bands play during the annual fair or meetings are held. The grass grows in tufts, I guess it's because of the foot traffic, plus soccer practices and games are played here.

Suddenly, drops of rain were falling on us. Fortunately, we already finished our ice cream cones. So we walked across the area toward the college building where we parked. When we reached the other side, the sun immediately shone intensely. Mother Nature is sort of fickle-minded today. Basking in a bit of afternoon sun, Rix and I pretended to run after Elhaym. She gave little squeals of delight and smiled at us while she bounced away from our grasps. Then, we were homeward bound.

Rix and I went for a body massage at Hi-Life, and a cup of Coffee Jelly Frap from Starbucks after we left Elhaym with the yaya, for a little us time.

The day was spent simply, but I couldn't ask for more.

Wondering what SHMILY stands for? I got it from a story of love where a couple always writes the acronym all over the house using just about anything - See How Much I Love You.
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