24 February 2009

Big Mac, Big Love

We ordered from McDonald's for our snack this afternoon at the bank. I thought of my hubby. So I bought him a Big Mac (I know it's not the healthiest food ever, but he likes it). It pays to surprise my partner, I love the reaction I got from him.

As I placed it in front of him,

Rix: WOW! Big Mac! What's this for? *smiling*
Ceemee: For your afternoon snack.
Rix: Want some?
Ceemee: Nope, I ate already, thanks.
Rix: I'm going to eat it now! The patties look thinner than before, don't you think? *shows bitten burger*
Ceemee: *nods*

After the last bite, he got up and pinched my thigh on his way to get water.

Rix: Thank you!
Ceemee: Welcome!

I want to surprise him more often. :-)
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