20 February 2009

A Best Mom Award For Me?

Thanks to a wonderful Christian mommy, Chris of The Mommy Journey for handing me this award.


1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo/s.
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
4. Nominate other blogger moms out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

I have been a mommy for about a year and seven months now. It might be just be a short time with which to measure being the best mom, but only my little daughter could be the judge of that.
I was not expecting to get pregnant immediately after we got married. My hubby and I were not super prepared like some parents who buy so much stuff ahead of time, they even bought toddler things already! But after she arrived, we listed what we still needed and shopped for them. This activity enhanced my relationship with my hubby. I enjoyed it.
I did not feel like the best mom when I cannot soothe Elhaym's cries. This was when I learned to be more attuned to her. To listen not just to the sound, but to the feelings. Sometimes it's just trial and error. And there are books, magazines, and other moms to turn to. I did feel postpartum blues, but with the help of Rix and other family members and friends, they turned into baby pinks and motivate me to care for my baby more.
I did not feel like the best mom when Elhaym is being mischievous and does what is instructed NOT to do because I get angry and sometimes raise my voice. I do not want to hit her, so I shout instead, or growl at times. I know that both methods in disciplining are not proper. This teaches me to be stretch my patience, especially since she's just a one-year old and wouldn't discern right from wrong. To avoid her getting hurt, sometimes I want to go away. But being a mommy is a job that I couldn't quit. And, it's a job that I am beginning to love.
The moments I treasure most when spending time with my daughter are:
  • when she calls me "Mama"
  • when she calls herself "baby"
  • when she looks up at me and smiles ever so cutely
  • when she suddenly kisses me or asks for a kiss
  • when she would hug me tight, with the sound effect "mmm!"
  • when she is asking for something and saying "please" with a hand on her head
  • when she tries to converse with me with her babbles
  • when she looks at me with her inquiring round eyes
  • when she clings to me and doesn't want me to leave for work
  • when she would lean on parts of my body while playing
  • how she likes animals especially dogs
  • when she shares with me what she's eating
  • how fast she learns new things and new words
  • when she dances energetically
  • when she pretends to read out loud from a book
  • her funny facial and verbal expressions
  • how she could entertain herself with mundane stuff at home

Now, I want to pass this award to great mom bloggers I know.

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