17 February 2009

Post V Post

Feb. 16

I woke up to my daughter's voice and a bad cough. It was a local holiday so I didn't have to go to work. I decided to take advantage of this day and bring Elhaym to the doctor a day earlier than her schedule.

After that, we visited my hubby's grandparents on his father's side at the Chinese cemetery. Upon entry, we were inquired if we were tourists. I wondered why the guard would ask that. Rix then said that we have a beautiful cemetery that tourists would not miss. True enough, there were Japanese/Korean tourists milling about, taking pictures of the mausoleums.

We had lunch at home. Then off we went to buy groceries. First at S & R, there were items there that were more inexpensive than Landmark, Trinoma. But still, we went to Landmark afterwards because there were stuff there that cannot be found in S & R. The sneakers I wore had their soles almost unglued to the shoe itself so Rix and I went shopping a bit in the Department Store. I found these!

I felt kinda good buying them because Reebok supports the Avon Walk Around The World For Breast Cancer.

After depositing our purchases at the package counters, hand in hand we started towards the main mall to look for a nice restaurant where we could have a lovely dinner. We ended up at Five Cows.

The meal was good, but I was really looking forward to dessert, since this was also an ice cream bar. The one on the left was called the Sugar Tooth Fairy, the other one was the Bubble Gum Blast. They were perfect for the weather that's starting to heat up, and a perfect ending to a wonderful date.

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