14 February 2009

Just An Ordinary Day

Today is Valentine's day. Nothing special going on around here. It's a normal Saturday for me. I'm here at home, spending quality time with my daughter and my computer. My hubby is at work. In fact, he went to work even before I woke up. And, he'll be staying there until dinnertime. No date is going to happen for us. We don't even have gifts for each other. No exchange of greetings took place, either. I couldn't blame him, he's not feeling well. He seems to be coming down with a flu.

The novelty of this day has worn off for me. When we were going steady, we used to celebrate this day along with those who were scrambling to find significant others. He even gave me roses on two separate Valentine's. He's such a sweetie. But, now, the only "us" day that we celebrate is our wedding anniversary. That's acceptable since Valentine's is so much commercialized nowadays. We don't really know if some are sincere in looking for love and a life partner or they're just in for a one night stand.

For me, the little, everyday words and acts of love are the ones that matter the most. I think these are what make marriages work. It's the little sacrifices, it's forgiving the little pet peeves and quirks everyday, it's falling in love with each other each day.

Roses from hubby's sister and brother-in-law
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