14 February 2009

Happiness is...

It's the little things in life that make me happy, and when I sum them all up, I realize they become the big and important things in my life. Odette of Little Miss Firefly knows this and she likes to spread her own brand of happiness to everyone with much love made by her hands. She also has a crafting blog and an online shop of all her lovely creations.

For me, happiness is:
  • God's loving presence in my life, the way He works in my life for my good
  • Answered prayers, signs of guidance from Him
  • His supplication of my needs
  • Closeness with the family, talking animatedly and laughing together
  • The smile on my parents' faces when they see my daughter, when she plants a kiss on their cheeks
  • Waking up to my hubby's kiss, his smile, his touch
  • My head on his chest and listening to his heart beat with my name (mushy!)
  • My daughter's hand in mine, feeling her very soft skin
  • Her little head on my shoulder
  • Her tight hugs and wet kisses
  • Catching up with friends, endless discussions about anything at all
  • Talking over coffee, hot or cold
  • A heartfelt 'thank you'
  • A sincere praise from important people in my life
  • Sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows on a chilly day
  • Feasting on potatoes. Yummy!
  • Eating my mother's cooking and her baked goodies
  • Aromas that bring back fond childhood memories
  • A familiar, old, loved song playing on the radio
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