16 March 2009

A Time To Share And Enjoy

Our friend was spending her days alone in the unit she shares with her hubby. Her hubby sailed out to sea again, and it shall be months before he comes back. I was glad to see her coping, to see her independently preparing her own meals and cleaning the house. My own hubby went out of town for two days and I missed him so much already.

I, together with two other close friends went to visit her last Saturday. We took a walk around the park/market in front of their building, cooked Spaghetti together at her home, chatted about so many things that are going on in our lives, and watched their wedding video. One went home early and the rest of us just hanged out at Seattle's Best, continued chatting, took more pictures and sipped coffee, of course!

Basically, we had a really great time, in my opinion. I enjoy hanging out with my gal pals.

By February next year, I will again be a bridesmaid for another friend who's getting married soon. It's quite exciting. And it seems my daughter will be her little flower girl.

I am happy to see my friends finally poised to spend the rest of their lives with the guys that they love.
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