09 May 2009

This Job Or That?

There are some days...or shall we say, most days, that I have to virtually drag myself to work. I know this is sinful with the financial crisis going on, I must be thankful I have a job. There might be many people who would love to have my job, and all I could say is, "Take it!" Three years is a short time to be with a company, but am I getting tired? Actually, I want to be a work-at-home-mommy personally caring for my daughter and not missing her milestones. Would it be selfish of me to want to be involved in my baby girl's life before she starts school? After all, I could be easily replaced at work, but no one can replace me as my baby's mommy.

That is one of the top reasons why I plan to leave. Sometimes, I am envious of full time mommies who blog so much about their children, because what I see in my child most of the time are the wrong things that she has absorbed from the yaya or the caretaker. I want to play with her, to sing to her, to read her stories, to make art and crafts with her, to explore the natural environment with her.

Another reason is that I want to start our own business. I guess I want change. Sometimes the monotony of work is getting to me. Also, I wish to have a business that I would enjoy, where I would earn, and be an outlet to help those in need and to glorify God with. A challenge for me now is to come up with a business idea. I think it should be unique, catchy and would stand out that people will tell others of it. That is what's racking my brains these days. And I am about to throw myself into the unknown, too!

Remember last Christmas with the reports on bank robberies and armored vehicles being held up with casualties and deaths? I know that God is ever keeping me safe, but I can't help but have moments when I fear for my life, even more so when I am riding the armored vehicle to load money. Those times I tell myself that I can't wait to leave this line of work. I can't help thinking of the what if's.

So, now, I am counting down the days until I hand in my resignation letter. Wait, what should I put down in this letter? Any idea?

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