02 May 2009

Old And Young

My heart aches for him. He was itching all over and his skin has red sores from scratching. It was the side effect from all the medicine he was taking - for the heart, for his Diabetes, etc. I promised I would take Elle to visit him when he goes home from the hospital. He was admitted because he had taken a certain medicine to help alleviate the itchiness but he was sleepy all day long and ate too little that he didn't wake up one morning.

My mom's dad seemed like a strict gentleman. Once I was reprimanded for combing my hair near the dining table. But he liked family reunions and we always gathered at his house whether there was a holiday, an occasion or it is just to share a meal together. I guess that's why my cousins from my mom's side are closer to me than that from my dad's side. When money was more abundant, it was his plan for the most of us to travel together to the U.S. Together we experienced Disney Land, Disney World, Universal Studios, Epcot Center and Six Flags Great America. It was memorable for me.

Grandpa always takes pride in his grandchildren's good academic standing. He always encourages me to write. He knows I like composing poems and making up stories when I was little. He also likes Calligraphy. I always admire his works. It's saddening to know that he won't be able to do that again. Age is catching up on his body now.

I was proud of Elle when we visited Grandpa. At first she was afraid of him. But when I sat beside him and she saw me talking with him, I guess that made her fear dissipate. She started to shake his hands, they even did a high five. She played with some of his things like a hand bell (amused at how shaking it could produce a sound) and his bamboo back scratchers. She walked around his wheelchair over and over again, but would pause to smile up at him. It touched me to see him smile and laugh at her antics. When it was time to go, she even gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I hope that visit made his day. Rix and I thought we should reward Elle somehow.
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