12 April 2009

Weekend Specials

Half an hour to go, and my birthday's over. Hubby's already snoring and baby girl's already in Dreamland. I am still awake, blogging away and waiting for the food to be digested. I was so full from the simple birthday dinner I had with my family, my little brother, my eldest brother and his family. They even bought cake for me. The restaurant's crew then sang a lively birthday song for me and presented me with vanilla ice cream topped with walnuts and chocolate syrup.

Perks of celebrating my birthday on Easter Sunday:
  • A joyful event was also commemorated today: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who suffered and overcame death for our sakes, in whom we have the confidence of putting our faith in a living God.
  • The restaurant held an Easter Egg hunt game with stuffed bunnies as prizes. We didn't find any egg, but were given a little peach egg as a consolation prize with candies inside and a strip of paper telling us we can claim a free kid shake. Cool huh?
  • The family beside our table found an Easter Egg. Since the couple had three sons, and I guess they found my baby girl adorable, a pink stuffed bunny was added to her collection of stuffed toys. Although, I should have returned the bunny after finding out that they have a 7-month old daughter at home.
  • I could go to work well-rested after 4 days of vacation, and with high spirits of giddiness from my birthday and the excitement of receiving gifts.
The first (official) gift I received was a red blouse from one of my closest friends, then a lip gloss from another close friend. I met with them yesterday and we talked about a lot of things while eating, walking, window shopping, eating again (we tried out a Vietnamese restaurant called Zao and the food was mostly yummy), eating yet again (this time coffee and cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja for dessert). Plus, a book from my little brother entitled The Widow And Her Hero.

Simple celebration. I have yet to treat my parents who are presently in China, my colleagues, and another close friend who wasn't able to come yesterday. Also, I want to thank all who greeted me through SMS, Friendster and Facebook.
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