06 June 2009

Why blog?

Why do I love blogging?

Through blogging, I get to chronicle my life, the roles I play such as being a wife and a mommy. Here I could rant and rave and no one will judge me. I get to share my poems and thoughts, the sounds and sights I experienced, and gain blogger friends. I also blog about stuffs that irk or amuse me, and find these things in common with people who drop by through their comments, which are much welcome and appreciated. In turn, I also visit their blogs, and laugh or cry with them through their ordeals. Blogging helps make my memories more permanent and easy to access.

Thanks to PM for handing me a blog award. I am touched she sees passion in me, something I was looking for these past few years.

So, Meg, Sandy, Tara, Chris, Odette, Kring, Khaled, Arthur, why do you passionate people love to blog? I pass on this award to you.
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