20 June 2009

An Award and the Traveling Pain

It's been a while since I last posted. I've been caught in a roller coaster ride of emotions these past few days. With my daughter having fever, and I feeling so inept as a mommy. My last day at work is drawing near and I am filled with confusion because of the things I have to do and submit before they release my last pay and clearance.

Here I am again, and I was welcomed back with an award from Chris of The Mommy Journey. Thank you! With the award comes a list of seven things that I love.
  1. Spending the day with my family
  2. Reading interesting or uplifting books, especially the Bible, which I plan to read again
  3. Out of town trips, preferably with swimming
  4. Trying out new restaurants or food products
  5. Potatoes!!!
  6. Sleeping while the rain pours and the weather is cool
  7. Hugging

Lately, it's haunting me. It would appear on my chest, from the right to the left, then back again. Then it would descend to my abdomen, even bringing my back with it. After a while, it would lower itself to my stomach then down to my bellybutton regions. Not all at the same time, though, it will pop up then disappear then it would appear somewhere else. Does that come with age? Or I am just too sickly? It is so weird. I hope it stops as I have been going back to playing badminton once a week (it's not enough, right?).

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