24 June 2009

Daddies' Day Out

Caramel Cake from Estrel's
There was a Mother's Day last May, then it's only fair to have a Father's Day this June. A long time ago, daddies exist just to play with the kids. The type of play that involves lots of physical activities. The job of caring for the children was left to the mommies. The daddies of today are more different; they know how to bathe newborns, they are present when the kids are sick, they put the children to bed at times. At least, that's what I observed with my hubby and some other daddies whose stories I was shared with. I know that I am lucky, and Elle's even luckier to have a nurturing daddy like Rix.
To celebrate this day, my family along with my parents, my sister-in-law and nephew went to California Pizza Kitchen at Greenhills Theater Mall for lunch. We had frozen yogurt with fruit toppings afterwards while my nephew played a bit of arcade. Rix let Elle rode a mini carousel and I could tell she enjoyed it very much. Good thing she didn't cry for more when the 4 minutes were up. After that, we brought my parents, sister-in-law and my nephew home where we ate the caramel cake I bought, and consumed avocado shake. Yum! The calories!
Soon, very soon, it will be Mother's Day again. Hahaha!

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