02 July 2009

Inside My Bag Of Beans

Actually, there were 3 slices of this Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I've been meaning to visit this place for I don't know how long and last weekend, my hubby Rix indulged me. There were already several cars parked outside near the road when we got there. I was a bit worried that there'll be no more tables left for us as I thought the coffee shop was small. Small was the bakeshop that we first entered, I was craning my neck to see if there was a hallway at the back leading to where the tables were located, and saw none. We went back out and saw stairs leading down, so followed it we did. The steps were uneven and plants were growing on both sides, reaching out to coffee and bread lovers arriving at their haven. We were greeted by an aviary with several tweeting lovebirds inside. We had to choose whether we'd like to be seated at tables with umbrellas, at long wooden tables with matching wooden benches, at chairs and tables under a thatched roof, at a low molded iron outdoor tables with chairs, at wooden chairs and tables on a raised area surrounded by flowering plants near another set of stairs or at Tiffany-like chairs with cushion seats and glass-topped tables.

Covered seating area

We opted for the last one but then we settled for the long wooden table with benches due to people smoking at the next table. While we consumed the sandwich and fries, and sipped our iced coffees, we noticed that there was a path leading to a door that is ajar which perhaps opens to a covered seating area we thought that we should have taken. Oh, well!

Take a peek

The downside of this cafe in a garden is the presence of large mosquitos. I am glad I brought an insect repelling lotion for Elle. My little angel looked happy with the place, seeing the fountains and those birds.

Btw, this is her new hairstyle care of Mommy, her first haircut ever took place last month

A popular place for buying baked goodies, Rowena's, was packed with customers. We wished to buy more of their Ube (purple yam) tarts, but only a box was left. Their counter was set in the middle and shelves full of tarts and sweets lined the longest wall to the left. At the back was a coffee shop, serving coffee, cakes and of course, an assortment of their specialty - tarts, which were chilled.

Hello there my sweet tart!

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